Franz Lemmermeyer

Linear Algebra


  TU  9:40 - 10:30, EB 103
  TH 10:40 - 12:30, EB 103 
My grader this semester is Pinar Pekcagliyan.
The book we will use is Kolman and Hill, Elementary Linear Algebra. There will be two midterms, a final, quizzes, and homework.



Homework is always due one week after hand-out except when stated otherwise. Solutions will be posted after all students have turned their homework in.

Extra Problems

Here are some extra problems For practicing simple proofs.


I will not be able (nor do I want to) tell you everything in class that is in the book. It would help (you) if you came to class prepared: this means reading the part of the book I intend to cover. Since I only have the 7th edition, the numbering of the chapters may differ (in the 8th edition, Chapter 1 is split into two chapters, and Chapter 2 has therefore become Chapter 3).