History of Mathematics

History of Mathematics

Instructor: Franz Lemmermeyer
Office: FEN 116


I suggest Boyer, History of Mathematics. One copy is on reserve in the library. Here are my reasons for not picking Anglin, Mathematics: A concise History and Philosophy.


Exam Averages

Midterm 1: 86/100
Midterm 2: 61/100
Final: 60/100

The final exams can be seen 
Fri Jan 16, 13:00-14:00    
Mon Jan 19, 13:00-14:00
Tue Jan 20, 13:00-14:00
in my office FEN 116.




Possible Topics: If you're interested, please email me with your names and the topic; you may suggest topics yourselves. Many of the sources above come from the excellent online course on the history of mathematics by Don Allen at Texas A&M University.