Doctoral Degree Program

A doctoral degree program is intended to enhance originality and creativity in research and teaching. It is expected to lead students to independent investigation of a problem in their fields, so that they can make a significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge. Although a part of the task is the acquisition of existing knowledge in the field, the fundamental objective is to develop the skill and capacity to conduct original research in the generation of new knowledge. The preliminary requirement for the doctorate, therefore, is regarded not as an end in itself, but as a preparation for the dissertation in which the candidate demonstrates this ability. Clearly the doctoral program is not only useful for its own sake, but as preparation for further investigation and research in a professional career.


Applicants must have an M.S. or B.S. degree in Mathematics (or in relevant areas of science or engineering). Evaluation of applicants is based on their ALES scores, past academic record and the interview at Bilkent University. The evaluation of the applicants who cannot take the ALES exam will be based on their GRE scores. Satisfactory knowledge of English is required. (Please refer to the "Summary of requirements for admission to graduate programs of the Graduate School of Engineering and Science").

Degree Requirements

Each student's Ph.D. program is individually planned with a faculty advisor. In addition to successful completion of at least 21 credits of course work above the M.S. level or 42 credits of course work above the B.S. level, the Ph.D. student is expected to pass a qualifying examination, and to prepare and defend a dissertation based on original research. The usual duration for Ph.D. study is 8 semesters above the M.S. level and 10 semesters above the B.S. level, extendable for 4 more semesters.

Syllabus for the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

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