Mathematics Graduate Program

The Graduate Program of the Department of Mathematics at Bilkent University is one of the leading mathematics research programs in Turkey. It subdivides into the M.S Program, two years long, extendible for a further year, and a Ph.D. Program, usually four years, extendible for two more years.

The M.S. and Ph.D. programs produce leading research mathematicians. Throughout both programs, there is a strong emphasis on supervised research towards a thesis. To provide a thorough substructure for subsequent professional work, each program also includes 8 courses based on lectures to small elite classes.

International students: The language of education is exclusively English. For life on campus, and to some extent beyond, English is entirely adequate. Introductory classes in Turkish are available but optional.

Master's Program, M.S.

Doctoral Program, Ph.D.  

Scholarships: The university waives tuition fees and provides scholarships for living and leisure expenses. At present, the monthly stipends are: for MS program students, 1270 TL; for Ph.D. program students before passing the Qualifying Exam 1575 TL; for Ph.D. program students after passing the Qualifying Exam, 1700 TL. (The Qualifying Exam is a Preliminary Exam taken two or three semesters after the commencement of the Ph.D. program). Scholarships are granted by the Turkish Government. For details of scholarships for international students, see Türkiye Bursları at   

Housing: All students on the graduate program, whose home address is not in Ankara, are offered free accommodation: a two-person dormitory for those on the M.S. program, a one-person dormitory for those on the Ph.D. program. Currently four kinds of larger apartments are also available at 330 TL, 425 TL, 485 TL and 550 TL per month. Apartments for married students are available at 1200 TL per month.

Health Insurance: The university covers the cost of private health insurance with Acıbadem Sigorta, a leading health insurance company.

Location: Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is in the center of Anatolia, well-situated for coach visits to many locations of historic or cultural interest:,,,  

Application Process: Online Application Form


- Application: April 17,2017

- Interviews:  April 25-26,2017

- Results sent to Graduate School: May 3,2017


- Application: June 13,2017

- Interviews:  June 15-20,2017

- Results sent to Graduate School: June 27,2017

Submitted documentation must include: statement of purpose, university transcript, at least two recommendation letters, GRE or ALES scores, proof of English proficiency. Turkish nationals must supply ALES scores. At present, international applicants are to supply GRE scores, but this requirement is currently under review. Applications for commencement in September 2015 will last until 8 June 2015. Full details can be found at

Visas for International Students: The duration of the visa application process varies from country to country. In some cases, the process may take up to 8 weeks.

Graduate Supervisors

Laurence Barker: Finite group representation theory, modular representation theory, group functors such as Mackey functors and biset functors.

Alex Degtyarev: Topology of algebraic varieties, Classical algebraic geometry, Singularity theory.

Aurelian Gheondea: Operator theory and operator algebras, spectral theory of linear partial differential operators, Hermitian and positive semidefinite kernels, quantum operations.

Alexander Goncharov: Functional Analysis (linear topological structure of spaces of differentiable functions and their traces); Potential theory (metric properties of harmonic measures); Fractal geometry, Approximation Theory.

Ahmet Güloğlu: Analytic number theory.

Metin Gürses: Mathematical physics, applied mathematics. More specifically, general relativity, integrable systems.

H. Turgay Kaptanoğlu: Complex analysis and operator theory in spaces of holomorphic or harmonic functions of several variables, especially in Besov and weighted Bloch spaces on the unit ball, which include weighted Bergman, Dirichlet, Arveson, and Lipschitz spaces.

Azer Kerimov: Mathematical theory of statistical physics, probability, mathematical analysis. 

Alexander Klyachko: Algebra, algebraic geometry, number theory.

Uğurhan Muğan: Nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations, asymptotic analysis, boundary value problems, singular integral equations.

Sinan Sertöz: Algebraic geometry, algebraic cycles and Hodge theory, K3 surfaces, Arf rings and the Frobenius Diophantine problem.  

Müfit Sezer: Group actions and their invariants, commutative and combinatorial algebra. 

Bülent Ünal: Differential Geometry, in particular, Lorentzian Geometry, Riemannian and pseudo-Riemannian Geometries. Warped product space-time models and mathematical theory of general relativity. Global Analysis on Manifolds.  

Özgün Ünlü: Algebraic topology, geometric group theory.

Ergün Yalçın: Algebraic topology, in particular, cohomology of groups, group actions on complexes and manifolds, homological algebra over categories.

Hamza Yeşilyurt: Analytic number theory: q-series, partitions, theta functions. 

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