Double Major in Mathematics

  • Applications are made to the Registrar's Office by the due date announced in the Academic Calendar (usually in late August or early September for the Fall semester, in late December or early January for the Spring semester).
  • Students can apply earliest before their 3rd semester and latest before their 4th semester in their first major.
  • To apply, students must have CGPA 3.30 or greater and must be in the top 20% by AGPA in their first major.
  • Students in the program must complete all courses in the Mathematics curriculum either by taking the course, or having the course common with their first major, or by having the course deemed equivalent with a course in their first major. Full course requirements are listed in the curriculum link below.
  • The first and second major transcripts and GPAs of students in the program are kept separate from each other.
  • Full rules and regulations of the program can be found in Article 5 of Lisans ve Ön Lisans Eğitim-Öğretim Yönetmeliği of the university.

        Double Major Curriculum
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