Laboratory Rules


  1. All information regarding the laboratory (lecture hours, timetables, notes, announcements, etc.) will be announced only on Regularly checking for changes on this webpage is the student’s responsibility.
  2. Participation in all experiments is mandatory. To be considered successful in this course, the weighted average of the grades for the three experiments and the project must be at least 60/100.
  3. There will be no make-up sessions without an official excuse (e.g., a proper report from the Bilkent Health Center) for any personal problems. The health report must fulfill the requirements stated by the Health Center and articles 5.1 & 5.2 of the University Regulations for Teaching Examinations and Assessments. Note that a student can only have a make-up for one experiment per semester. More is not allowed, even if a valid health report is submitted.
  4. All students must finish their experiment and return their report to their assistant within the working hours of the laboratory. The working hours of the laboratory are 08.30-11.20 for the morning session and 13.30-16.20 for the afternoon session. Within this time, a student may leave the laboratory with the permission of an assistant; however, time must be used cautiously.
  5. Every student must participate in the laboratory with the same group. If someone participates in the lab with another group without the knowledge and permission of the laboratory coordinator, their experiment will be canceled, and graded zero.
  6. Before each experiment, a quiz will be held in the first 10 minutes of the session regarding the fundamental physics behind the experiment or the experimental steps. This quiz will compose 30% of the total report grade. Due to that, before coming to the laboratory, reading the manual is essential. A student that arrives during the quiz can participate in the quiz without any extra time. A student being more than 30 minutes late cannot participate in the experiment.
  7. The assistant will supply only the essential experimental equipment. Other than that, the tools for measuring and calculating (experiment manual, calculator, protractor, ruler, pen, pencil, eraser, etc.) must be brought by the students.
  8. Students are responsible for using the experimental equipment properly. Harming the devices by using them improperly results in the obligation to compensate for the harm. If you don’t know how to use a device, ask for help from your assistant or the laboratory technician.
  9. Each student must have a manual for the experiment that will be done when coming to the laboratory. Manuals for each experiment can be downloaded from the course webpage or from the laboratory webpage.
  10. No food or beverages are allowed in the laboratory.
  11. A student withdrawn from the course cannot continue to the laboratory.
  12. To be able to succeed in the course, one must satisfy the conditions to pass the laboratory.