Laboratory Rules


  • All students must participate in all three of the scheduled lab sessions. There will be no make-up sessions without an official excuse (e.g., a medical report from the Bilkent Health Center). Health reports must be submitted as stated in articles 5.1 & 5.2 of the University Regulations for Teaching Examinations and Assessments. If a student misses two or more lab sessions without an official excuse, her/his lab grade will automatically be “F” and will fail not only the laboratory but the entire physics course. To pass the lab, the average of 3 lab grades and the project must be at least 60/100.
  • Note that, a student can have a make-up for one experiment only in a semester! More is not allowed even if a valid health report is submitted.
  • Students must be present in the lab on time. Nobody will be allowed to participate in a lab session if she/he arrives late. If a student needs to visit the Health Center during lab hours, she/he must come to lab in time and inform the assistant first. Otherwise, no document (other than a health report) indicating that the student indeed visited the Health Center during the lab hours will be accepted.
  • Students must come to the laboratory sessions prepared. There will be quizzes given at the beginning of each session.The quiz may be about the theoretical background of the experiment and/or the experimental procedure. Each experiment will be graded with weights 30% quiz and 70% report.
  • Students are responsible for the proper use of the equipment in the lab. If you are not sure about the proper use of any piece of equipment, please ask your assistants before using. This is primarily for your own safety. Anyone who damages equipment in the lab is expected to pay for it.
  • The lab staff is responsible to supply the experimental setup only. Any other equipment (e.g.,pencil, eraser, ruler, protractor, set square, calculator, graph paper, etc.) is solely under the responsibility of the student.
  • Lab reports should be completed in the laboratory and must be submitted to the assistants the end of the session. The reports should contain sufficient information showing the work done in the lab, and the results of the experiment.
  • Everyone must do the experiments with the group that they are originally assigned to. Otherwise, even if the lab session is completed successfully, it will not be accepted.
  • Food and beverages (including bottled water) are strictly forbidden in the lab.