FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

1. After three experiments ae done do I still have to come to the lab every week?

Answer: Yes. You will have to work on your project during the time slots reserved in your schedule.

2. Can we work together as a group?

Answer: No, projects should be individual work.

3. Can I use the equipment in the lab?

Answer: Yes, you can use the equipment in the lab. However, you have to make a reservation with the lab technician in advance.

4. Can I borrow an instrument from the lab?

Answer: No, you cannot take the instrument out of the lab.

5. Can I propose the same experiment written in the lab manual?

Answer: No, you cannot propose the same experiment written in the manual. However, you can read the manual and create a proposal based on the same principles. You can use the experimental setups to perform the proposed experiment.

6. Who can I ask for advice about my proposal?

Answer: Your lab assistant, the lab TGechnician and your instructor can answer your technicalquestions and they can give you some feed back about your proposal.

7. Where and when can I meet the assistant?

Answer: You can meet your assistant during the time slots reserved for the labs in your schedule. The assistant will be in the lab during in the morning between 8:30-11:40 or afternoon between 13:30-16:40. Since your lab assistance will be grading your project, it would be better for you to talk to them before submitting the proposal.

8. Can I copy and paste some text from the web or our textbook?

Answer: No, in the proposal and the final report you should write your own sentences. To learn how to avoiding plagiarism visit the web page: http://www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr/~david/plagiarism/

9. What happens if two students submit the same project?

Answer: The projects should be individual work. It is possible that, many students can independently get the same idea for the projects, but the proposals should be written independently. If the submitted proposals are identical, there will be a disciplinary action.

10. How can I submit my proposal and final report?

Answer: You must submit your proposal and final report in PDF format using the links on the MOODLE page of your “All Sections” physics course.

11. I am thinking very hard but I cannot create a project. What can I do?

Answer: On your text book and university web pages, there are very good demonstration of basic physics concepts. You can visit these web pages and watch demonstration or go through the examples on your text book. They can give you some ideas to find a project. Be creative. For example, smart cell phone has many sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer…) . These sensors are very accurate and there are very good applications written to access these sensors. Think about, how you can use these sensors to demonstrate a physical principle that you learn in the freshman physics courses.