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IMPORTANT NOTES (Please read carefully!)

PHYS101 and PHYS102 Laboratory work for the Summer Semester of the 2019 – 2020 Academic Year will consist of simulative experiments to be completed on-line. You will be asked to work on five experiments, take your data, and write a lab report in proper format. You can find guidelines for the format of the lab report using the link “LAB REPORT” below. You will have to study a certain section, or a specific example of the textbook as preliminary work for each experiment. You can work on the experiments any time you want, and as many times as you want, but the report for each experiment should be submitted to MOODLE before the deadline. Late submissions will result in deduction of 10 points for each day late. Since grading of the reports will be done on MOODLE, you will not be able to submit your report as an e-mail attachment. Deadlines for each experiment report are as follows:


Submission Deadline


Monday, 13 July at 07:59 (am)


Monday, 20 July at 07:59 (am)


Monday, 27 July at 07:59 (am)


Monday, 10 August at 07:59 (am)


Monday, 17 August at 07:59 (am)

You can access manuals for each experiment using the links below.


If you have taken this course in the past and your lab grade is satisfactory, i.e., 60 or above, you have the right to apply for exemption. To do this click on the menu item “Request Exemption” on the left and fill in the on-line form. Few days later, check and be sure that your name appears on the “Exemption List“.

Note: No exemption will be given to students who completed lab work for the first time in the previous semester (Spring 2019-20).


Your lab grade will be calculated as the simple average of the grades you obtain from the five lab reports you have submitted.


PHYS 101 Experiment 1. Relative Velocity: Boat Crossing a River ( PDF )

PHYS 101 Experiment 2. Static and Kinetic Friction on an Inclined Plane ( PDF )

PHYS 101 Experiment 3. The Conical Pendulum ( PDF )

PHYS 101 Experiment 4. The Ballistic Pendulum ( PDF )

PHYS 101 Experiment 5. Moment of Inertia: Rolling and and Sliding ( PDF )



PHYS 102 Experiment 1. Coulomb’s Law with Two Charged Objects ( PDF )

PHYS 102 Experiment 2. The Millikan Oil-Drop Experiment ( PDF )

PHYS 102 Experiment 3. Charged Particle in an Electric Field ( PDF )

PHYS 102 Experiment 4. Cpacitor Lab ( PDF )

PHYS 102 Experiment 5. Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field ( PDF )