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Sample Proposal

Schedule for Final Project Presentations


Lab Manual


Poster Template (PPTX, PDF)


Physics Laboratory make-up will be scheduled on October 10, Friday at 17:40 in SAZ06.

All Students who missed the 1 st experiment  can attend to the laboratory make-up.

Important dates for Projects:

  1. September  22 th- October 3 th : First experiment
  2. October 8-10 -Make-up for  the first experiment
  3. October 31st  : Deadline of the proposal
  4. November 10th : Feedback for the proposal
  5. November 21st   : Deadline for the revised proposal
  6. December 5th : Deadline for the final report
  7. December 15-26th : Presentation of the projects





Click here for lab rules!!!

There will be 10 minutes quiz at the beginning of every lab


No eating and drinking in the lab. No writing on the tables. Keep clean the environment. Those not obeying these rules will get zero from the corresponding lab.

Grading policies for several labs can be access from the menu above.

Pictures of the experiment setups and the equipments, follow the link.

You all are responsible to read lab manual and rules before lab !!!