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Physics Lab for the summer school starts next week.

Please have your Lab Manuals from Saadettin Karateke in SA Z06.

In each experiment there will be 10 minutes quiz which will be related from the Lab Manual.

   Timeline of the laboratory

Week 1 No lab
Week 2 Experiment 1
Week 3 Experiment 2
Week 4 Experiment 3/First proposal   3 July 2015 23:59
Week 5 Project
Week 6 Project/report
Week 7 Presentations


Poster Template (PDF)

The poster should be in A2 size. 


1    General information and grades

Physics lab includes 3 experiments (45 % contribution) and 1 final project (55% contribution).  The aim of the 3 experiments is to cover broad topic in the course and provide basic laboratory education.

1.1    Experiments for Phys 101 and 107

Experiment 1 – Velocity and Acceleration (%15)

Experiment 2 – Angular Velocity and Acceleration (%15)

Experiment 3 – The Torsional Oscillator (%15)

1.2    Experiments for Phys 102 and 108

Experiment 1 – Equipotential and Radial Electric Field Lines (%15)

Experiment 2 – Resistance and Capacitance of Circuits (%15)

Experiment 3 – RL Circuits and RLC Oscillations (%15)

1.3    Project

Project proposal (%15)

Final report (%30)

Poster presentation (%10)

 2      Project   topics

2.1    Project topics for Phys 101

  1. Measure equation of motion of an object
  2. Demonstrate measurement of length in different length scale (mm, m, km )
  3. Measure precision of your clock
  4. Measure gravitational acceleration
  5. Demonstrate work-energy theorem
  6. Measure static and dynamic coefficient of friction
  7. Measure centripetal acceleration
  8. Measure moment of inertia of an object
  9. Demonstrate parallel axis theorem
  10. Demonstrate uniform and non-uniform circular motion
  11. Demonstrate conservation of linear momentum
  12. Demonstrate conservation of angular momentum
  13. Use your smart phone to demonstrate a physical phenomenon you learn in the class


2.2    Project topics for Phys 102

  1. Devise a method to measure the total charge on a small electrically conducting sphere.
  2. Construct a circuit to be used to time 1 second, using R,L and C.
  3. Build  a DC electric motor or any other experiment to demonstrate the forces on a current carrying wire due to magnetic field.
  4. Demonstrate Lens law
  5. Demonstrate Faradays law of induction
  6. Built an oscillatory circuit
  7. Measure Earth magnetic field
  8. Demonstrate basic principles of electromagnetic waves
  9. Measure distance dependence of electromagnetic forces between two magnets.
  10. Built and characterize a electromagnet
  11. Characterize ferromagnetic materials
  12. Study the physics behind the electric guitar



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