MATH 225


Linear Algebra and Differential Equations



Summer School



Instructor: Yosum Kurtulmaz

Office Hours : Tuesday: 14:00-15:00

                         Friday :15:40-16:30

Office: SA-103


Text Book: C.H. Edwards & D.E.Penney, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, 3rd Edition (Prentice Hall, 2010) .

Supplementary Textbooks:

1) W.E. Boyce & R.C. DiPrima ,Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, ( Wiley 1992 ).

2) Dennis G. Zill, A First Course in Differential Equations With Modeling Applications, ( Cengage Learning, 9th Edition ).

3) Gilbert Strang, Linear Algebra and Its Applications, ( Cengage Learning, 4th edition ).

4) Amos Gilat, Matlab, ( Wiley, 3rd edition ).



Midterm 1 (30%)

Midterm 2 (30%)

Homework (8%) : There are 4 homework. Individual homework is essential. The written homework must be submitted by 17:30 of the due date.  No late homework will be accepted. There is no make-up for homework.


Final ( 32%)

FZ grade : Your Mdt1 + Mdt2 > 40 to get the final exam. Otherwise your grade will be FZ.


It is recommended that you do not miss any examination. A make-up will only be offered to those with a medical report duly certified by the University Health Center. The make-up will be given with or before the final exam and will cover the entire course material.

Suggested problems from the book: