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Semester:Fall 2016
Instructor: Cemal Yalabik
Office: Room SA-228 Phone 1316
Office Hours: Tuesdays12:40 - 13:30 Room SA-228
All other times (if available - call 1316 to check)
About the course:
This is the core Stat-Mech course in our graduate curriculum. We will follow the textbook quite closely for the early fundamental chapters, but the sequence and emphasis may vary in later chapters, where we will discuss more specialized topics.


Homework: Policy Assignments
Exams & Grading: "Cheat sheets" will not be allowed during the exams, but you will be provided with sufficient information for solving the problems without memorization.

There is an attendance requirement for this course: A student may not miss more than 6 hours of class in order to pass the course. Further absences may be compensated by completing assignments which will take much longer time than the corresponding class time.

First Exam % Thursday, October 27 8:40 - 10:30 (H-135)
Second Exam % Thursday, December 1 8:40 - 10:30 (H-135)
Final Exam % January ?? ??:?? - ??:?? (?-???)
Homework %
Course Schedule:
First meeting: Monday, Sept. 26, 10:40 - 12:30 in H-135
(H-building is the Humanities Building, across from the pool in front of the Science Building.)
Mondays 10:40 - 12:30Room H-135
Thursdays 9:40 - 10:30Room H-135
Recitation:Thursdays 8:40 -9:30Room H-135
Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Thermodynamics by Le Bellac, Mortessagne and Batrouni

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ThermostaticsStatistical Entropy and Boltzmann distributionStatistical Entropy and Boltzmann distributionCanonical and Grand Canonical EnsemblesCanonical and Grand Canonical Ensembles
First Exam Critical phenomenaCritical phenomenaQuantum StatisticsQuantum StatisticsNon-equilibrium statistical mechanics
Second Exam
Week Subject Exam #1 #2 Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics Irreversible processes: kinetic theory Irreversible processes: kinetic theory Irreversible processes: macroscopic theory

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