Bilkent University     Department of Physics

Phys 101 General Physics I

Semester:Spring 2010
Instructors: Atilla Ercelebi Cemal Yalabik
Sections 1 , 2 Sections 3 , 4 , 5
Offices: Room SA-221 Room EA-G11
Office Hours: Tue 12:40-13:30
Schedule: Tue 10:40-12:30 Tue 10:40-12:30
Fri 9:40-10:30 Fri 8:40-9:30
Classroom: EE-05 V-04
Recitation: Fri 8:40-9:30 Fri 9:40-10:30
EE-05 (Section 1) V-04 (Last names A-J)
EB-101 (Section 2) FCZ23B (Last names K-Z)
Lab schedule:
Sec 1 Wed 13:40-17:30    Sec 3 Wed 13:40-17:30
Sec 2 Mon 13:40-17:30    Sec 4 Mon 13:40-17:30
Sec 5 Thu 8:40-12:30
See this link for more information about labs.
E-mail to contact lab coordinator.
Humeyra Caglayan Office: Nanotam Bldg Phone: 1018
Ozan Aktas
& Grading:(Tentative!)
First Exam15%March 13, 2010 at 14:00
Second Exam25%April 27, 2010 at 17:50
Final Exam30%May 24, 2010 at 15:30
Laboratory20% minimum lab grade of 60 is necessary to pass the course!
Textbook: University Physics by Young and Freedman

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Units, Physical Quantities, and Vectors (Friday class only) Units, physical quantities, and vectors Motion along a straight line Motion in two or three dimensions Newton's laws of motion Applying Newton's Laws Review for exam
Week Subject Exam #1 Work and kinetic energy Potential energy and energy conservation Momentum, impulse, and collisions SPRING RECESS (No class) Dynamics of rotational motion Review for exam (No Friday class) #2 Equilibrium Periodic motion Gravity

Practice Exam I