Laboratory Work

PHYS 102 Laboratory work for the Spring Semester of the 2023 – 2024 Academic Year will start on the third week (12-18 February 2024) of the semester, on the day indicated in your weekly schedule. It consists of three experiments to be done in the lab, and a laboratory project to be designed and conducted individually. You can download the lab manual using the link PHYS102 Lab Manual.

Please visit the laboratory web page for more information using the "Physics LAB" link at the footer.


Regular homework assignments will be given and monitored by the coordinator through the online tutoring and homework system "CENGAGE WebAssign™." This website will also provide a grading procedure for each student. The overall homework grade will make up 10% of the final grade.

To register on the website, you need an access code. If you have previously purchased a code for physics, you can use your old WebAssign code. If you don't have one, you can purchase it from the Meteksan bookstore.

When registering, remember to enter your Bilkent student ID number. Your homework grades will be retrieved from the WebAssign server using your student ID number. If you forget to enter it or input the wrong number, you won't receive a homework grade even if you complete the assignments.

To register for the PHYS 102 course, visit the website CENGAGE GetEnrolled The Class key field will be pre-filled for you ( 1591 0084); simply click the ENROLL button on the page and complete the registration.

You can find information on how to use WebAssign, along with registration guidelines, by watching the video at WebAssign Help

Pencasts of Exam Solutions

You can find pencasts of the solutions to some midterm exam prepared by Dr. Oktel on youtube at " 1wq_gVQ/playlists". We hope watching the videos will be beneficial for you.

Lectures on YouTube

PHYS 102 General Physics II lectures given by Dr. Oktel in the 2016-17 Fall semester was recorded and uploaded to youtube. You can access these lectures using the YouTube link in the footer below, or through the youtube link on the Bilkent University web page. In case you miss a lecture, or if you want to review a topic, you can follow the link and watch the lectures.