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Alp Özgün (MsC Student )

Alp is graduaded from Biomedical Engineering in Baskent University in 2012 and graduate student in Material Science and Technology in Bilkent University. Research interest is Smart Polymers for Drug Delivery, Electrospun Fibers for Biomedical Applications, Biosensors, Image Processing for Biomedical Applications



Muazzam Idrıs (M.sC Student)

Graduaded from Middle East Technical University in 2012 with double major enrollment in Chemistry department and Chemical Engineering . Graduate student in Chemistry Department of Bilkent University. Research interest is the design, synthesis and characterization of cucurbituril-based supramolecular assemblies (rotaxanes and polyrotaxanes) towards photonics and biological applications.




Mehtap Safi(Senior Student)




Sinem Gürbüz(Senior Student)



Esra Soner(Senior Student)


Özlem Ünal (M.Sc Student)

Graduated from Department of Chemistry in Bilkent University in 2011. Graduate student in Department of Chemistry in Bilkent University. Reseach topic is conjugated polymer nanoparticles. Their synthesis and applications as nanoparticles for drug delivery and controlled release.





 Dönüş Tuncel

Group Leader, click for CV.



Graduaded from Chemistry Department of University of Karachi in 2001 Received Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi in 2011 , M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry, Federal Urdu University of Science, Arts and Technology in 2005.




Keita (MSc. Student)

BSc,Chemistry,University of The Gambia,2011.Upon graduation he joined University of The Gambia as graduate assistant till 2012 when he won Islamic Development Bank scholarship to pursue MSc. in Chemistry at Bilkent University.Currently,Hamidou is particularly interested in advances in Supramolecular Chemistry.