PHYS 573 Lecture Notes

Semiconductor Electronic Structure & Optical Processes


Lecture-0 (14/09/2006)


General Course Information

Lecture-1 (14/09/2006)


Semiconductor Culture: History, Trends

Lecture-2 (15/09/2006)

[pdf] Semiconductor Culture: Growth, Devices

Lecture-3 (21/09/2006)

[pdf] Electronic Band Structure: General Introduction

Lecture-4 (22/09/2006)

[pdf] Time-independent Perturbation, Lwdin, Single-band k.p

Lecture-5 (28/09/2006)

[pdf] Two-band k.p, Four-band Kane's Model with SO interaction

Lecture-6 (29/09/2006)

[pdf] Eigenfunctions in Kane's Model, Luttinger-Kohn Model

Lecture-7 (05/10/2006)

[pdf] Envelope Function Approximation: Single and Multiple Bands

Lecture-8 (06/10/2006)

[pdf] Defects, Elasticity, Pikus-Bir Hamiltonian

Lecture-9 (12/10/2006)

[pdf] Block Diagonalization, QW with Strain, Operator Orderings, 8-band LK

Lecture-10 (13/10/2006)

[pdf] Superlattice Band Structure, DFT for Modulation-doped heterostructures

Lecture-11 (19/10/2006)

[pdf] Empirical Pseudopotential Method

Lecture-12 (20/10/2006)

[pdf] Pseudopotentials

Lecture-13 (10/11/2006)

[pdf] Pseudopotential-based full zone k.p technique

Lecture-14 (16/11/2006)

[pdf] Semiconductor Optics: Motivation

Lecture-15 (17/11/2006)

[pdf] Semiconductor Optics: General Absorption, Emission Expressions

Lecture-16 (23/11/2006)

[pdf] Interband Transitions in Bulk Semiconductors

Lecture-17 (24/11/2006)

[pdf] Interband Transitions in QWs, Intraband Transitions in Bulk & QWs

Lecture-18 (30/11/2006)

[pdf] More details: Occupancy, Gain, Nonradiative processes, VCSELs, QCLs

Lecture-19 (01/12/2006)

[pdf] Excitons (X) in Bulk

Lecture-20 (08/12/2006)

[pdf] X in QWs, Quantum Confined Stark Effect, X Quenching, BEC of Xs

Lecture-21  (14/12/2006)

[pdf] X in Quantum Dots, Biexciton State, Weak & Strong Confinement

Lecture-22  (21/12/2006)

[pdf] Semiconductor Nonlinear Optics


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