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If there is sufficient interest, we may set up a study group to prepare for the Amateur Radio Operator Licence Exam which is given regularly in April and November of every year. This would involve learning the morse code, and other material outlined in the "Yonetmelik". If we have sufficient number of successful operators after the exam, we could set up a club and a station at Bilkent. If you would be interested in such an effort, e-mail me at to put your name on a list for further notices.

" . . . They should all be ashamed of themselves for using the miracles of science and technology and not understanding any more about them than a cow does about botany of the plants it munches with such contentment."
Albert Einstein
Speech at the opening of the 1930 wireless exhibition in Berlin
Kayip Dalga

  . . .

Kucuk odama cikiyorum
tavan arasindaki
ve bir geminin
dumeni gibi cevirerek
istasyon dugmesini
kayboluyorum bir zamanlar
etrafinda ailece toplandigimiz
radyo dalgalari
arasinda !..
                          Sunay Akin