Bilkent University     Department of Physics


Semester:Spring 2008
Instructor: Cemal Yalabik
Office: Room SA-228
Office Hours: Tuesday12:40 - 13:30 Room SA-228
All other times (if available -
call 1316 to check)  
Room EA-G11
Assistant: Deniz Cakir Office: SA-242
Homework: Policy Assignments
Exams & Grading: (You can prepare notes on a single sheet of paper to bring to the exam.)
First Exam 25% 10:40, March 11 SA-Z02
Second Exam 25% 10:40, April 22 SA-Z02
Final Exam 35% ? ?
Course Schedule:
Tuesday10:40 - 12:30Room SA-Z02
Thursday 11:40 - 12:30Room SA-Z20
Modern Quantum Mechanics by J. J. Sakurai

Homework for this week: There will be weekly homework assignments in this course. Homework is due on the Thursday of the following week at 11:45, in class, before class starts.

You can view your grades through the Student BAIS system. You are also encouraged to discuss course related matters in the "student-forum" for this course at the same address.

Review of angular momentum. Bell's inequality. Symmetry in Quantum Mechanics Time independent perturbation theory: The non-degenerate case Time independent perturbation theory: The degenerate case Exam. Variational Methods. Time dependent potentials. Time dependent perturbation theory. Applications. Identical particles. Identical particles. Exam. Scattering theory.
Week Subject Exam #1 #2 Scattering theory. Partial waves. Applications. (No class - follow wednesday schedule on tuesday)