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Semester:Spring 2009
Instructor: Cemal Yalabik
Office: Room SA-228
Office Hours: Tuesdays15:40 - 16:30
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Room SA-228
All other times (if available -
call 1316 to check)  
Room EA-G11
Assistant: Ahmet Keles Office: SA-205
Homework: Policy Assignments
Exams & Grading: (You can prepare notes on a single sheet of paper to bring to the exam.)
First Exam 25% March 19 15:40 - 17:30
Second Exam 25% April 16 15:40 - 17:30
Final Exam 35% May 26 15:30 SB-Z03
Course Schedule:
Tuesdays 13:40 - 15:30Room SB-Z03
Thursdays15:40 - 17:30Room SB-Z03

Alternate text:
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by A. C. Phillips
Modern Physics by R. A. Serway, C. J. Moses, and C. A. Moyer

Homework for this week: There will be weekly homework assignments in this course. Homework is due on the Tuesday of the following week at 13:45, in class, before class starts.

You can view your grades through the Stars system. You are also encouraged to discuss course related matters in the "forum" activity of Moodle pages for this course.

Introduction (Planck, De Broglie, Bohr, Einstein) Mathematics of waves (Fourier) Schrödinger Equation Probability, expectation values, operators, and uncertainty (Heisenberg) Stationary solutions, energy states Review and exam
Week Subject Exam #1 One dimensional problems: The square well One dimensional problems: Scattering and tunneling One dimensional problem: The harmonic oscillator Review and exam #2 Observables and operators (Dirac) (No class Thursday) Observables and operators Angular Momentum Identical particles and Spin (Fermi, Pauli) Identical particles and Spin (Thursday schedule on Monday)

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