Bilkent University     Department of Physics

PHYS 120 - Freshman Orientation

Semester:Fall 2023
Instructor: Cemal Yalabık
Office: Room SA-228 Phone 1316
Assistant: Tuğba Andaç

About the course:
This course intends to impart to the student knowledge and skills to adapt to the student life at Bilkent Physics Department. The course is structured as one hour contact per week of the class with physicists from the department: faculty members and/or graduate students and/or physicists from other institutions. These contacts are meant to let the students know about particulars of studying and proper conduct while being a student at Bilkent Physics. Discussions and other participation during the contact is strongly encouraged. It is hoped that this course will also be helpful in developing a sense of belonging to the department.

This is an attendance / participation based course. The overall grade will be based on attendance, with some variation due to active (positive) or inactive (negative) participation.

If you miss 0 hours of class you can get an A
If you miss 1 hour of class you can get an A-
If you miss 2 hours of class you can get a B
If you miss 3 hours of class you can get a B-
If you miss 4 hours of class you can get a C
If you miss 5 hours of class you can get a C-
If you miss 6 hours of class you can get a D
If you miss 7 or more hours of class you will get an F

Your participation (or lack of it) may result in half a grade variation.

Talks will be given in room SA-Z01, and the regular time is Wednesdays at 15:30. This is also the time for Department Seminars, and if there is a seminar which freshman students would enjoy, Phys 120 talks will at 16:30, after the seminar.

Speaker schedule for this semester is:

Özgür Oktel Department Seminar at 15:30
16:30 - Cemal Yalabık  -  Ahmet Eriş Ekmel Özbay Bilal Tanatar Ceyhun Bulutay A. Ulvi Yılmazer Yiğit Gündüç Şahin Büyükdağlı Deniz Aybaş Oğuz Gülseren Onur Tokel Sibel Sayın
Wednesday Speaker