Exam Rules


! Students should go to the rooms listed for them in the “Exam Rooms” link with their Bilkent ID card. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to take the exam.


! Students should sign the “Honor Code” before starting their work. Exam papers without a signature will not be graded.


! Nobody will be allowed to leave the exam room in the first 20 minutes of the exam.


! Students arriving more than 20 minutes late will not be allowed to take the exam.


! Electronic devices like calculators, smart phones, smart watches, tablets, etc., will be collected by the invigilators before the exam, and handed back at the end. students seen with one of these electronic devices during the exam will be accused of cheating, and disciplinary action will be initiated accordingly. Students are not allowed to ask questions (including questions about translations) to the invigilators, or lecturers during the exam.


! Students will not be permitted to leave the exam room unless they finish their work and turn in the exam sheet. Visits to the bathroom will not be allowed.


! No formula sheet will be given. Students are expected to know the meaning and applications of physical laws and definitions.