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To Prospective Graduate Students

Research funding is available for research assistants in my group to work on surface science, nanotechnology of functionalized surfaces and heterogeneous catalysis.

Although preference is given to Ph.D. students, highly motivated M.Sc. students are also welcome.

The following qualities will be anticipated from the prospective graduate students:

- To have a strong motivation to pursue research in the fields of nanotechnology and surface science.

- To have a B.S. degree in Chemistry, Physics, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, Biology or any other similar field that is applicable/relevant to nanotechnology. No prior research experience in nanotechnology is required to apply.

- Strong interest in producing publishable results in the area of nanotechnology.

For departmental requirements and the details of application procedure, please check with the Bilkent University Graduate Admissions

Before sending in your formal application, you are encouraged to call me at + 90 (312) 290-2121 or send your resume (in .doc or .pdf formats) to .

To Post-Doc Applicants

Post-doc positions are also available. Interested candidates should contact me at with a cover letter.