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        Week 1:   Set Theory

        Week 2:   Propositions. Mathematical Induction

        Week 3:   Methods of Proof. Combinations. Permutations

             Week 4:   Repetitions. Discrete Probability. Binary relations

              Week 5:   Equivalence relations and Partitions.

          Week 6:   Partial Ordering Relations.

          Week 7:   Lattices. Functions. The Pigeonhole Principle

           Week 8 Graphs

           Week 9 Weighted Graphs

           Week 10 Euler trails and circuits. Hamiltonian paths and cycles.

                 Week 11  Hamiltonian paths and cycles(continuation)

                                     Week 12:   Trees. Groups

                        Week 13:   Subgroups. Homomorphisms

                        Week 14:   Isomorphisms. Lagrange's Theorem