Instructor:         Natalay  Zheltukhina

Office Hours:   Tuesday  12:40-13:30, Friday  14:40-15:30

Office Location: SA 111b

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TEXTBOOK: J.E.Freud, B.M.Perles, "STATISTICS: A First Course", Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004


WEEK-1 Frequency Distribution. Graphical Presentations of Data.
WEEK-2 Numerical Measures of central tendency and variability.
WEEK-3 Chebyshev's Theorem.
WEEK-4 Counting Principles, Permutation, Combinations.
WEEK-5 Sample Space and Events. Some Rules of Probability. Conditional Probability. Independent Events.
WEEK-6 Random Variables. Probability Distribution. The mean and standard deviation of Probability Distribution.
WEEK-7 No classes on Monday-Wednesday
WEEK-8 The Binomial Distribution. The Hypergeometric Distribution.
WEEK-9 The Normal Distribution. The normal approximation to Binomial Distribution.
WEEK-10 Random Sampling, Sampling Distributions.
WEEK-11 Central Limit Theorem
WEEK-12 Confidence Intervals for Means.
WEEK-13  Confidence Intervals for Means.
WEEK-14 Tests of Hypotheses.
WEEK-15 Tests concerning means

75% Attendance is Obligatory

LECTURES:  You  are expected to keep silence unless you have a question.  You are encouraged to ask questions as soon as something is unclear to you. Even if you have the textbook, I strongly advise you to take lecture notes.

EXAMS,  QUIZZES:  Two midterms exams and a final exam will be given. Also 5 quizzes will be given during the semester. NO MAKE-UP exams will be given unless proper documentation for the absence is received.  


Component Percentage
Midterm 1: Essay/written,  25
Midterm 2: Essay/written,  25
Final: Essay/written 35
Quiz 15

 ACADEMIC DISHONESTY:  No cheating during the exams  and  quizzes  are allowed. Cheating includes but not limited to both providing and copying information during the exam and quizzes. It is considered as a discipline violation. Hence in case of cheating, both parts will certainly get a score of zero from the corresponding exam or quiz  and disciplinary action will be applied.