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>>> Postdoc and Graduate Assistantship Positions are available <<<

We are looking for a postdoctoral research associate and for graduate students to join our research programs at NanoPhysics Theory Group.

1. Postdoctoral Position

The position is available immediately. Experience in the computation of electronic structure based on density functional theory is required, and experience with established computer codes designed to work with large systems, such as VASP, CASTEP, SIESTA, etc. is highly desirable. The successful candidate will contribute to our existing research programs on: reversible hydrogen storage, super-low friction, quantum transport in nanostructures, nanowires, molecular electronics, and spintronics. The appointment is expected to be for two years. Research will be carried out at Bilkent University.

2. Graduate Research Assistantships

Motivated students are encouraged to apply for the graduate program of Physics Department, Bilkent University. The successful applicants will be involved in the active research conducted in our group.    

To apply for the positions, please send your most recent resume and publication list to:

E-mail: nanophys [at]