• This is a 1983 Series ///. I bought it from the auction on September 2002. It had 2.25 lt petrol engine, 4 speed manual gear box, four wheel leaf spring, four wheel drum break and standard steering wheel.  
  • First the engine was checked and tuned-up. Now, it runs perfectly.
  • After that every single piece was taken apart.
  • The body and the frame look O.K. except some small rusty spots.
  • Non-aluminum parts of the body and the frame were sanded.
  • Some modifications on the frame was done.  
    • Changed to four wheel coil spring                                                                     
    • Changed to four wheel disc break : Defender-110
    • Front and rear axles are replaced with Range Rover axles
    • SP bearing housings : Defender-110
    • Steering wheel is powered with box BMW-5 Series and with Defender steering column.

    • Gear box was replaced with Defender 5 speed manual gear box, but the transfer box is the original one.

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