Undergraduate level

  1. Calculus (for Engineering majors) [Thomas and Finney]
  2. Calculus (for Science majors) [Apostol]
  3. Calculus (for Business and Economics majors) [Thomas and Finney]
  4. Advanced Calculus [Buck]
  5. Advanced Calculus [Wade]
  6. Real Analysis [Copson]
  7. Functional Analysis [Kreyszig]
  8. Linear Algebra (for Engineering majors) [Strang]
  9. Differential Equations [Ross]
  10. Differential Equations [Rainville]
  11. Mathematical Analysis [Rudin]
  12. Abstract Mathematics [Chartrand, Polimeni and Zhang]
  13. Linear Algebra (for Business Administration majors) [Anton and Rorres]

Graduate level

  1. Real Analysis [Royden]
  2. Real Analysis [Rudin]
  3. Functional Analysis [Rudin]
  4. Topological Vector Spaces