ATTENDANCE POLICY: You are encouraged to attend all the classes. But you must attend at least 60% of the classes in order to qualify for the final exam. However, please note that the university administration have different attendance rules for students who are on scholarship

FZ POLICY: In order to qualify for the final exam, you must have at least 60% attendance and must have at least a total of 50 in the two midterm exams out of 200.

MAKE-UP POLICY: Students who miss a midterm exam with a valid and documented excuse are entitled to take a make-up exam subject to the approval of the instructor. A single make-up exam is given during the last week of classes, it covers the entire syllabus, and must be expected to be harder than the missed exam. There is no make-up for homework. The lowest two homework scores of each student will be dropped at the end of the semester.