Iossif Ostrovskii

Department of Mathematics


Iossif Ostrovskii was born in Dnepropetrovsk, on 06.04.1934.
Master of Science: Kharkov State University, 1956.
Ph.D.: Kharkov State University, 1959.
D. Sci.: Kharkov State University, 1966.

Recent publications

1- I.V.Ostrovskii & N.A.Zheltukhina, "On power series having sections with multiply positive coefficients and a theorem of Polya," Journal of the London Math. Soc., 58(1998), 97-110.
2- I.V.Ostrovskii & N.A.Zheltukhina, "On power series having tails with multiply positive coefficients," Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, 64(1999), 263-280.
3- I.V.Ostrovskii, "On the zeros of tails of power series," in "Operator Theory, Advances and Applications", Birkhauser, 113(2000), 279-285.
4- S.Gergun, I.V.Ostrovskii, A.Ulanovskii, "On the Titchmarsh convolution theorem," Comptes Rendus Acad.Sci.Paris, 331(2000), 41-46.
5- I.V.Ostrovskii, "On the zero distribution of remainders of entire power series," Complex Variables, 43(2001), 391-397.

Courses taught

Undergraduate Level
Math 301, Complex Analysis I
Math 302, Complex Analysis II
Math 313, Real Analysis I
Math 314, Real Analysis II
Math 315, Fourier Series
Math 316, Orthogonal Functions
Graduate Level
Math 503, Complex Analysis I
Math 504, Complex Analysis II
Math 571, Harmonic Analysis
Math 603, Value Distribution Theory
Math 604, Entire Functions
Math 650, Topics in Probability Theory
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