All undergraduate students in the Mathematics Department must complete a 20 days long summer internship program. Online internships of any form is no longer accepted. While in your internship program you can enroll in at most one summer class. For very special circumstances you may be allowed to complete your internship program during fall or spring semester. You are not allowed to enroll in classes if you complete your internship during fall or spring semester . University will provide insurance for longer periods of internships or for voluntary internships subject to department’s approval.

To complete your internship you should follow the following steps

  1. Apply to a suitable company for your internship. Research and Development department would be a good place if there is one in a company. You may want to see institutions chosen by our previous students. The work you undertake must be related to mathematics. If needed you may use the mandatory internship requirement form ( Form 1) .  Make sure you include a well prepared resume in you application as well. Once accepted have them sign (Form 2) and submit it (or any similar form the company/school can provide such as an acceptance letter) together with internship confirmation form (Form 3) to the internship coordinator. Internships that last less then 20 working days will not be accepted. Make sure the duration of internship entered in the forms covers at least 20 working days. Last day to submit Form 3 is the first Friday of the first week of June.

  2. You can start your internship after the internship coordinator approves Form 3.

  3. Bilkent University provides your insurance. A proof of insurance form will be sent to you by e-mail. Please take this form to the company of your internship.

  4. Please record your daily activities in your internship diary  Form 4 and obtain your supervisor 's signed approval. Diaries without daily signatures will not be accepted.

  1. Once you complete your internship ask your supervisor to fill out student evaluation form (Form5) . This form should be given to you in a signed closed envelope or your adviser may chose to send it the internship coordinator by mail or e-mail. Student evaluation form and internship diary must be submitted to the internship coordinator by 5 pm on the first Friday of the week that the lectures starts in the fall semester.

  2. The internship committee makes the final evaluation of your internship.

  3. Next fall after completion of your internship you must enroll in Math 399 . This is a noncredit class. You will receive a passing grade for this class if your internship has found to be satisfactory by the internship committee.

Internship Forms


Mandatory internship requirement form


Company description form


Internship confirmation form

Form 4

Internship diary

Form 5

Student evaluation form

Form 5

Öğrenci Değerlendirme Formu

Department of Mathematics Internship Coordinator: Hamza Yeşilyurt
Adres: Bilkent Üniversitesi, Matematik Bölümü, SA #106, 06800 Ankara
Tel: 312 290 1897 Fax: 312 290 1797