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(2001-2002) , 2003-2004

  • Math491 and Math492 : Senior Project I and II. A fouth year course.
  • Content : In this course students start a project on a specific topic
    in mathematics under the supervision of a faculty member.
  • Course Schedule: To be determined by the project supervisor:
    Supervisor and the Student should meet at least once a week .
  • Exams : One Final Exam (Presentation of a report): Its date will be announced later.

    All students write a report ( in an AMS Latex format) at the end of the semester.
    You have to give one copy to me and one copy to your supervisor
    one day before the announced Final Exam Date
    . Please read the new regulations


    Project Presentations will be on January 12, 2003 Starting at 08.40

    See for senior project presentations


    1. Cenk Akar
  • Project supervisor: S Sertoz
  • Project title: Resolution of Curve Singularities by blow-ups

    2. Evrim Akkoc
  • Project Supervisor:F Lemmermeyer
  • Project title: Goppa Coded

    3. Serkan Hamit Aksu
  • Project supervisor:F Lemmermeyer
  • Project title:Quadratic Reciprocity law in quadratic number filds

    4. Levent Aysan
  • Project Supervisor: A Kerimov
  • Project title: Gambling Systems

    5. Havva Basan
  • Project supervisor: A Kerimov
  • Project title: Ergodic Transformations and Their Applications

    6. M. Ilknur Buyukboyaci
  • Project supervisor:F Lemmermeyer
  • Project title: Torus-based cryptography

    7. Ozlem Cavusoglu
  • Project supervisor: O Yurekli
  • Project titles: Integral Transforms

    8. M Yilmaz Demirci
  • Project supervisor: S Sertoz
  • Project Title: The twenty seven lines on a cubic surface

    9. Ali Nabi Duman
  • Project supervisor: A Klyachko
  • Project title: Geometric Invariant Theory

    10. Ebru Gurer
  • Project supervisor: A Kerimov
  • Project title: On space filling curves

    11. Nihat Misir
  • Project supervisor: A Goncharov
  • Project title: Smooth Projections on L^2(R)

    12. Mahmut Kemal Ozbek
  • Project supervisor: S Koray
  • Project title: Social Choice

    13. M Ozge Ozcakir
  • Project Supervisor: A Gheondea
  • Project title: Fredholm Theory

    14. Aysegul Ozguner
  • Project Supervisor: A Degtyarev
  • Project title: "Morse Theory"

    15. Cuneyt Ozsoy
  • Project Supervisor: M Gurses
  • Project title: KdV Surfaces

    16. Emre Per
  • Project Supervisor: A Kerimov
  • Project title: On Borsuk Ulam Theorem

    17. Hatice Sahinoglu
  • Project Supervisor: A Klyachko
  • Project title: Elliptic Functions
    18. Yasemin Sengul
  • Project Supervisor: A Goncharov
  • Project title: Logarithmic dimension of irregular Cantour-type sets

    19. Ahmet Sensoy
  • Project Supervisor: A Kerimov
  • Project title: Random Harmonic series and related fields

    20. Mehmet Uc
  • Project Supervisor: A Ghoendea
  • Project title: C*- Algebras

    21. Burak Yilmaz
  • Project Supervisor: F Lemmermeyer
  • Project title: Coding Theory-Cyclic Redundancy Check

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