Metin Gürses

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Department of Mathematics


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Basic Research Fields:

Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics

Research Interests:

Integrable Einstein's Equations in General Realtivity and Integrable
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Apllied Mathematics.

More Specifically

General Relativity : Classical theories of gravitation, Theories with torsion, Exact and
Approximate solutions of Gravitation Theories in various dimensions. Colliding gravitational plane waves,
Low Energy limit of String Theory. Sigma Models , Godel type metrics.
Integrable Systems : Super Integrable Models. Integrable Surfaces. Integrability and Symmetries
of nonlinear partial differential equations. Classification of partial differential equations with
respect to symmetries. Generalized symmetries and recursion operators. Differential Geometry of Integrable PDEs.
Integrable systems on time scale, Integrable boundary conditions

Recent publications

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