Department of Mathematics






"Alperin's Fusion Theorem (for groups)"





(Bilkent University)


Abstract: This semester's seminar, "Topics in Finite Group Theory," aims to provide an introduction to some of the more specialized subjects finite group theory that may not appear in a first year graduate course in algebra.  We begin with a key local-to-global result, Alperin's Fusion Theorem, which states that conjugacy in a Sylow p-subgroup of a finite group is realized by conjugacy in the normalizers of p-subgroups. 

Participants in last year's "Fusion Systems" seminar may recall that this was the starting point for that subject as well.  The version of AFT we will discuss here is purely group-theoretic, assumes no prior knowledge of fusion theory, and is much closer in spirit to Alperin's original proof.  In the coming weeks we will also see the importance of the AFT as future talks apply it to delve deeper into the structure of finite groups.


Date: Monday, 3 October 2016

Time: 15:40 17.30

Place: Mathematics Seminar Room, SA-141


All are most cordially invited. Tea and biscuits before the seminar.