Department of Mathematics




"Local structure of groups and of their classifying spaces"


(Université Paris 13)

ABSTRACT: The fusion system of a finite group G at a prime p is a category whose objects are the subgroups of a fixed Sylow p-subgroup SG, and whose morphisms are those homomorphisms between subgroups which are induced by conjugation in G. It thus encodes the conjugacyrelations among p-subgroups and elements of p-power order in G. Fusion systems have emerged as tools for studying the local structure of finite groups at a given prime, and also the local structure of their classifying spaces. For example, some group theorists hope that this new point of view will help to simplify some parts of the proof of the classification of finite simple groups. This will be a survey talk, aiming to explain both of these connections.




Wednesday, MAY 4, 2016 15.40

Mathematics Seminar Room, SA-141

All are most cordially invited. Tea and cookies: before the seminar