Department of Mathematics






"Spherical posets from commuting elements"



(University of Western Ontario, Canada)


Abstract: Collections of subgroups of a group G play a central role in topology and representation theory. Ordered under the inclusion relation such collections are partially ordered sets. Taking the nerve gives rise to natural examples of G-spaces. Topological properties of such spaces reflect the structure of the group. Tits building associated to an algebraic group is one of the classical examples, and the resulting space has the homotopy type of a wedge of spheres by the Solomon-Tits theorem. In this talk I will talk about spherical complexes which naturally arise in the study of certain type of principal G-bundles called transitionally commutative bundles.  The poset in question is constructed from the cosets of abelian subgroups.


Date:  Friday, JULY 1 2016

Time: 13.40-14.30

Place: Mathematics Seminar Room, SA-141


All are most cordially invited. Tea and cookies will be served after the talk.