"An Upper Bound for m-Dimensional Topological Complexity of F(R^n,k)"





(Bursa Technical University)


Abstract: Topological robotics investigates the motion planning problem of a robot/robots whose initial and final points are given as an input. One of the basic problems in this field is to compute the topological complexity (TC) of a space. Rudyak considered this motion planning problem in a more general way in [4], and defined m-dimensional topological complexity (TCm) which is related to the motion planning problem whose input is m distinct points. In this talk, we will give a computation for the upper bound of m-dimensional topological complexity of the configuration spaces F(Rn; k).



Date:  Monday, October  12, 2015

Time: 15.40-16.30

Place: Mathematics Seminar Room, SA-141


All are most cordially invited.
Tea and cookies will be served after the talk.