"Local Group Constructions in Fusion Systems"






(Bilkent University)


Abstract: A finite group is p-local if it has a nontrivial normal p-subgroup.  One speaks of a subgroup of a finite group G as being p-local if it is the centralizer or normalizer of a nontrivial p-subgroup.  This is a natural notion to discuss in the context of fusion systems. 
In this talk, we will examine normalizer and centralizer subsystems of a saturated fusion system.  We will show that, under mild and easily realizable assumptions, these subsystems are themselves saturated fusion systems in their own right.  This will lead us to the important class of constrained fusion systems, and (time permitting) a new formulation of the Alperin fusion theorem.

Date:  Tuesday, December  1,  2015

Time: 15.40

Place: Mathematics Seminar Room, SA-141


All are most cordially invited.

Tea and biscuits: before the seminar