" A Local Method in Group Cohomology"






(Bilkent University)




Abstract: Given a partially ordered set, one can associate a simplicial complex. In fact if this poset is endowed with a G-action where G is a finite group, this action induces an action on associated simplicial complex. In [1], Peter Webb introduces a method for local calculation of group cohomology using simplicial complex with a G-action and he discuss some simplicial complexes arising from  subgroup posets as an application.

In this talk, we give some examples of simplicial complexes associated to subgroup posets, then we introduce Peter Webb's approach to local control of group cohomology and we discuss applications of his main result. 

References:[1] P.J. Webb, A local method in group cohomology, Comment. Math. Helvetici. 62 (1987), 135-167



Date:  Monday, March  11, 2013

Time: 13.40-14.30

Place: Mathematics Seminar Room, SA-141



All are most cordially invited.
Tea and cookies will be served after the talk.