"Markov-Bernstein Type Inequalities on Compact Subsets of R"





Burak Hatinođlu

(Bilkent University)



Abstract: Generalization of classical Markov and Bernstein inequalities in different directions (compact subsets of  C^n, Cantor-type sets, higher order  derivatives, etc.) is one of the main research areas in approximation theory. In their paper "Markov-Bernstein Type Inequalities on Compact Subsets of R", T. Erdélyi, A. Kroo and J. Szabados suggest another path of generalization: estimation of the derivative at a point in terms of some density functions around this point. We will consider their results and some examples.






Date:  Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Time: 14.30

Place: Mathematics Seminar Room, SA-141



Tea and cookies will be served before the seminar.