“Extremal EIgenvalues of Graphs”






Türker Bıyıkoğlu     

(Işık University)



Abstract: The fundamental graph properties  e.g. coloring, diameter,  isomorphism and connectivity are closely related (or bounded) to the eigenvalues of  matrix representations of  these graphs (e.g. adjacency matrix or Laplacian matrix of the graph). The sharp eigenvalue bounds for such graph invariants  depend on the extremal
eigenvalues. Extremal graph eigenvalue problem is finding a graph in a given graph class  that has the minimum (or maximum) eigenvalue for a given matrix representation.

I shall talk about these connections between graph properties and eigenvalues of graphs. I shall present results, methods, difficulties and possible further research topics on extremal graph eigenvalue  problems. This talk is intended for general audience. No specialist knowledge is required.







Date : April 16, 2010 (Friday)

Time : 13.40-14.30

Place: Seminar Room SA-141