“Real elliptic surfaces and real elliptic curves of type I (joint w/I. Itenberg)”





Alexander Degtyarev






Abstract: We attempt to study/classify real Jacobian elliptic surfaces of type I or, equivalently, separating real trigonal curves in geometrically ruled surfaces. (On the way, we extend the notions of type I and being separating to make them more suitable for elliptic surfaces.) We reduce the problem to a simple graph theoretical question and, as a result, obtain a characterization and complete classification (quasi-simplicity) in the case of rational base. (The results are partially interlaced with those by V. Zvonilov.) As a by-product, we obtain a criterion for a trigonal curve of type I to be isotopic to a maximally inflected one.



Date:  17 April 2009 Friday
Time: 15:40
Place: Bilkent, Mathematics Seminar Room SA-141


Tea and cookies will be served before the talk.