“Smith theory via Bredon cohomology II”









Abstract: I will continue my previous talk on Smith Theory and Bredon Cohomology. I will first remind the audience the definition of Bredon cohomology. Then, I will prove some classical theorems by P. Smith. These theorems on fixed point sets of p-group actions on spheres and on discs are usually referred as Smith theory. This alternative approach to Smith Theory via Bredon cohomology is due to Peter May. I will also discuss some possible further applications of Bredon cohomology to fixed point theory.


All are most cordially invited. The Algebra Seminar will start 10 minutes after the topology seminar. There will be a tea in between these two seminars.









Date : October 5, 2009 (Monday)

Time : 13.40-14.30

Place: Bilkent, Mathematics Seminar Room SA-141