Master Degree Program

An M.S. program is intended to be a first step towards the doctorate: it may be an exploration in some depth of a particular area of mathematics, or it may be an extension/completion of a higher level of education than achieved in undergraduate studies. To be effective, it must serve the purpose of deepening the students' experience in some particular area of knowledge, and making them professionally more competent. Students should show a sense of commitment and confidence appropriate to their status as a mathematician. With the satisfactions inherent in this experience they will necessarily follow a greater experience of initiative and more positive assumption of individual responsibility in their work.


Applicants to the program should have a B.S. degree in Mathematics (or in science or engineering, but with sufficient preparation in mathematics) and should be proficient in English. Evaluation of applicants is based on their ALES scores, past academic record and the interview at Bilkent University. The evaluation of the applicants who cannot take the ALES exam will be based on their GRE scores. Graduate School of Engineering and Science

Degree Requirements

In addition to at least 21 credits of course work, the M.S. degree candidate must prepare and successfully defend a thesis. The usual duration of M.S. study is 4 semesters, extendible for 2 more semesters.

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