Superlattice infrared photodetectors

Detection of infrared light has many applications in medical, astronomical and security applications.
Many approaches have been tried and successfully implemented.  Semiconductors such as InSb, InAs, HgCdTe, InGaAs have been studied. Most IR detectors have to be cooled increasing cost. In collaboration with Anadolu and Middle East Technical Universities, in this work, we are interested in design, fabrication and testing of high efficiency IR superlattice photodetectors using ultrathin layer pairs of  GaSb/InAs. Lowering dark current  is critical in the operation of such detectors.

Recent achievements are the development of:

1. Novel passivation techniques including atomic layer deposition of Al2O3, HfO2, ZnO, TiO2.

2. Innovative ultrathin passivation layers with  thiol based carbon chains with sulphur heads.

3. New  “N” structure pin superlattice photodetectors in the MWIR with AlSb barriers.


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