MATH 225 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Spring 2019




Office Hours


Bulent Unal

SA 109

Thursday 14:40-15:30


Anargyros Katsampekis

SA 135

Tuesday 13.40-15.30 or by appointment


Aurelian Gheondea

SA 118

Monday 10:40-11:30 and 14:40-15:40 or by appointment


Metin Gurses

SA 126

Friday 13:40-15:30 or by appointment

Textbook: C.H. Edwards, D.E. Penney, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra 3e, Pearson

Detailed Course Syllabus

Previous semester course web page, past exams questions and solutions, etc.

Homework (8%) There is no make-up for homework. No homework assignment will be dropped. Any late homework assignment will not be accepted.



Due Date






Term Exam 1 (30%) Thursday March 14th 2019 at 17:45

Term Exam 2 (30%) Thursday April 25th 2019 at 17:45

Final Exam (32%) (to be announced)

Make-up Policy for Exams: You have to have a valid (medical or university) report to make up for a missed exam and it needs to be approved by your department or institution.

A single make-up exam is given during the last week of classes, covers the entire syllabus, and must be expected to be harder than the missed exam.

Grading Policy: If the sum of the two term exam points is less than 40 (out of 200) you will receive an FZ grade.

If your total number of points, weighted out of 100, is at least 85 you will get the letter grade A and if it is below 40 you will fail.

Students who miss the Final Exam earn an FX only if their course total number of points corresponds to an F.

Please refrain from asking exceptions and/or personal favors. If there will be any change, it will be for everybody.

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